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Defer paying capital gains tax to maximize your Above ground real estate and Below ground oil, gas, and mineral rights investment returns.

1031 Exchange Company

1031 Exchange Accommodators


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~References from past clients, escrow officers, and realtors are available upon request.

1031 Exchange Qualified Intermediary
Qualified Intermediary Services

The use of a Qualified Intermediary, or Exchange Accommodator, is required in most circumstances to facilitate a 1031 tax-deferred exchange as stated in Treasury Regulation §1031.1031(k)-1(g)(4)(iii).


Above & Below 1031, LLC:


  => Coordinates with the taxpayer to provide the necessary documents to ensure that the 1031 exchange is carried out in accordance with all rules and regulations.

  => Facilitates the sale of the relinquished property to the buyer, as well as the purchase of the replacement property from the seller.

  => Holds and protects exchange funds on behalf of the taxpayer in a segregated escrow account to avoid receipt of sales proceeds that would otherwise be subject to capital gains tax.

  => Provides information and guidance to the taxpayer, and their other advisors, as needed and ensures the adherence to the strict timelines required for a successful 1031 tax-deferred exchange.  


We specialize in exchange transactions that involve...

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deserve extraordinary care.

1031 Exchange Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate 

Exchange Types
                                      That We Service

Delayed Exchange/Forward Exchange


An exchange in which the tax payer sells the relinquished property before purchasing the replacement property. A Qualified Intermediary (QI) must be identified and have an exchange agreement in place with the taxpayer before the sale of the relinquished property. The QI holds the proceeds throughout the exchange process until it is time to use the funds to purchase the replacement property.


Simultaneous Exchange

An exchange in which there is no interval of time between the two closings. The relinquished property and the replacement property both close on the same day, typically back-to-back.



Reverse Exchange~


An exchange in which the taxpayer purchases the replacement property before the relinquished property is sold. The QI will generally take title to the replacement property and hold it through an EAT until the taxpayer sells the relinquished property under an exchange agreement with the QI. The QI lays title to the taxpayer for the replacement property upon the closing of the relinquished property.

~We work with an unaffiliated QI to service this type of exchange.

Reverse Exchange fees*

The complete cost is assessed on a

case-by-case basis.

Contact us for a quote. 

1031 Accommodator Fee

Delayed & Simultaneous Exchange Fee*

Base fee starts at $999 and includes 1 relinquished property closing and 1 replacement property closing.

Contact us for a quote.

1031 Exchange Accommodator Fee

Miscellaneous fees*

Each additional property closing: $250

Rush fee: $250

Additional fees may apply.

Above & Below 1031 LLC...

  • Securely holds your funds in a segregated escrow account.
  • Can provide monthly account statements and running balance updates.
  • Works with your team, (title/escrow officer, realtor, etc.) to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Gives you a single point of contact throughout your exchange.
  • Provides on-going advice and specialized support throughout the exchange process. ​
  • Is able to assist clients in all 50 states.
  • Can provide references upon request.
1031 Intermediary
Above & Below 1031 LLC

Consult with an exchange specialist today.

~References from past clients, escrow officers, and realtors are available upon request.

Tel:  469-486-3400


5900 South Lake Forest Dr. Ste #380

McKinney, TX 75070

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